Artivities and Projects

Self Portrait Artist’s Statement

For my self portrait, I wanted to create something that touched on both the physical and internal aspects of me. The hair, eyes, and lips are all features I generally felt applied to me. I was constantly ridiculed for my big lips as a child, but I have grown to love them. For the face, I chose orange mostly as a funny aspect of me loving being out in the sun and soaking up the rays, especially since I am from Saudi Arabia. Each and every word and phrase was specifically chosen to explain a bit about me. I chose to put the word “om” on the right side of my lips to indicate my passion for yoga but also to reference a learning experience I underwent last semester. I learned of many female yogis who are authoritative leaders of the practice and I felt inclined to practice and tap into my own spirituality. I chose words like global, minority, and blend to indicate my international aspect. I am originally from Saudi Arabia, and I feel like I have blended multiple identities into one that works for me. The symbol to the left of the lips is indicative of my Islamic upbringing, of which I don’t believe I can every truly lose touch with. Discovery, social responsibility, young woman, transforms and equipped all reference the change I underwent after women’s studies. I found out a lot about myself, and I realized that now that I have become equipped with the necessary tools from my education, I have a responsibility to transform the world around me to be more accommodating of young women everywhere. The foil headband says a bit about my passion for cooking and it is almost always necessary in most of the dishes I make. The joker collar around my neck symbolizes my funny-side, and how I enjoy the funny things in life. The nail polish is my way of showing my artistic side, because I enjoy using simple forms of socially constructed beauty practices to my advantage. The word free on the back of my head is the feeling I experienced after finally understanding what it meant to be a woman. I initially cut the words out of a random page, but when I saw the page of nature it reminded me of what I learned about Goddess worship, and how the mother is often seen in that kind of nature.

image(3) image(2) image(1) image


2 thoughts on “Artivities and Projects

  1. I loved your self portrait! I love the combination of the word free on the back of your head and all the words that you chose to place in the front of your face, it is so empowering! I agree completely with what you said about us taking responsibility to transform the world around us.

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