On Goddesses and Os

As we grow, we develop the ability to assume. In this way, we began to associate certain characteristics displayed by human beings with their biological factors. This method is flawed, but has stuck with us in almost all aspects of our lives. In this case, it has stuck with us in terms of religion. The 3 “main” religions (Christianity, Judaism & Islam) are all governed by the idea of one, absolute, genderless God. This is stated, and we all agree that God is as written. However, when we speak of God, we assign gender pronouns because we are incapable of thinking outside of the gender binary, and due to God’s abilities we assume that God is more aligned with the male gender. This ideology rejects all the initial beliefs of humankind, as it was initially believed that the creator of our earth was female. Because creation is a term that was initially associated with women, as they are able to give birth, it only makes sense to assume that God is female.

god-giving-birth-monica-sjoo-1965Why is this an important thing to ponder? When Monica Sjoo created her piece “God Giving Birth”, there was outrage from many onlookers. The God in the image was a female; a female of color. This left people confused and angered, as it seemed to be “mocking” their belief of what God represented. The image simply put into vision that which was a foundational belief for centuries before modern day religions even emerged. It instigated many reactions, as good art should. It was meant to show us how quick we are to assume God is male and how a God that is a woman of color is somehow insulting due to our innate racism.

It was taken down, a response to art that suffocates our freedom as creative individuals. Sjoo simply provided us with an alternative to the patriarchal religious system, and in essence this act would not have been tolerated had it been an image of a white bearded man reaching out from the sky. Removing this image was an act of oppression, used to silence those who have beliefs differing from that of institutionalized patriarchs.  Art is truly a revolutionary act, because it allows for the instigation of change. These images present humanity with an alternative when they feel dissatisfied with what they have been forced to believe. Her art created a platform for women and people of all genders to reclaim the idea of what God symbolizes.

The myth of the vaginal orgasm is exactly what it says. It is the myth that orgasms originate from the vagina, which in truth they do not. The pleasure receptors in the clitoris make it the only spot on the female body whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure. Because the male penis is able to achieve an orgasm through friction within the vagina, we assume that women must receive it through the same act. This is not valid however, as in reality orgasms for women can only originate from the clitoris. We are led to believe that the vagina holds the power to give women orgasms, and the reason for this is that it makes sex easier for men. If men are not required to put effort into pleasing a women during orgasm through techniques not necessarily pleasing them simultaneously, it becomes tedious and undesirable. For this reason, we are often convinced that a males orgasm is a females. The truth is, women are more likely to achieve orgasms with other women rather than men as women are more aware of what creates pleasure in the female body.




2 thoughts on “On Goddesses and Os

  1. I really enjoyed your statement, “Art is truly a revolutionary act, because it allows for the instigation of change.” As you allude to, humans are capable of change and therefore can challenge what we have “been forced to believe.” If these unjust and unequal institutions were made by humans, we can deconstruct them and create a more equitable world! Since absorbing and understanding art is such a powerful process, it can be utilized for positive change.

  2. Hi I really enjoyed your analysis on Sjoo’s work. I agree that the work she does is influential and relevant. it is so important for people of all genders to question and re conceptualize the image of god in our cultures. I think your analysis of the myth of the vaginal orgasm was also awesome. I am so happy we got to learn about this because it teaches us how to actively question patriarchal knowledge and investigate bodies of knowledge that my contradict the natural ways of life.

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